As a consumer, I am puzzled by the capitalist phenomenon of product endorsements, where some company gets some celebrity or “expert” (who’s reputation is often dubious, if not downright fictitious) to endorse some product in the hopes of “duping” the customer into purchasing. Even more puzzling is that it actually works.

Not to be outdone, I am placing my own endorsements online, with no purpose other than the satisfaction of saying, “GTI endorses…”

  • Firefox – Open Source internet browser. My oldest endorsement.
  • Sibelius – Music Transcription for people like me.
  • WinAmp – Powerful Media Player…without the weight ofthe one in Windows.
  • OpenOffice – Open Source is the way to go.
  • WordPress.org – If it’s Open Source, it must be good. If it isn’t, just wait.
  • WordPress.com – Naturally.

No self-respecting polymath can claim to be so without having an innate love for learning, and there exists no better avenue for learning than reading. I therefore admit to be a fan for the following pieces of literature (it’s not very comprehensive…just a few of the standout titles in my little library…and in others).

by C.S. Lewis…

  • The Chronicles of Narnia
  • The Space Trilogy (Out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra, That Hideous Strength).
  • Mere Christianity
  • The Screwtape Letters
  • The Great Divorce
  • Surprised by Joy

by Ravi Zacharias…

  • Can Man Live Without God
  • Cries of the Heart

by Joshua Harris…

  • I Kissed Dating Goodbye
  • Boy Meets Girl

the Classics…

  • The Jungle Book
  • King Solomon’s Mines
  • Wuthering Heights
  • Robinson Crusoe
  • Treasure Island

I also happen to be very fond of children’s literature, like A Cricket in Times Square and Dr. Doolittle.

I also endorse material products – i.e. I prefer a particular brand of something over another…just like everybody else. Please note that I have not received any money from any of the companies producing the following products. Some of the products listed are not even available in the country, although I would use them if they were (companies, take note!). Needless to say, this list will probably change the most as far as Endorsements go, depending on my shifting tastes and/or incurred lawsuits.
Music-related Endorsements

  • Warchal Strings – recently trounced the reigning brand. Equal if not superior in quality and tone, but at half the price. I’ve been waiting a very long time for strings like these.
  • Jargar Strings – the nicest-sounding cello strings not available in the country. Their medium-gauge A is simply heartmelting.
  • Super Sensitive Rosin – represents the best-balance between quality and price.
  • Wolf Shoulder Rests – a simply gorgeous piece of equipment.
  • Luis & Clark Carbon-fiber Instruments – Never buy another violin, viola, or cello again! Impervious to changes in humidity/weather! Unbreakable (for all practical purposes)! Sounds great!
  • Arcus Carbon-fiber Bows – Never buy another bow again!
  • Knilling Geared Tuning Pegs – Why is this still an odditty and not the standard?!

Other Endorsements

  • Coke – is it!
  • Nokia Cellular Phones – affordable, easy-to-use, easy to repair, easy to… customize 😉
  • Starbucks Coffee – still without peer.
  • Export Overruns – I don’t think I’ve ever worn a pair of genuine Levi’s…but I don’t really need to. “Fashion for Less” is the way to go.

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