18 09 2007

Tomorrow is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Arrrr!


I be such a nerd 🙂



23 08 2006

It’s late, I’m sleepy, but I would like to get this off my chest before it gets lost in the business of another workday.

Browsing the net for the links in my Endorsements page, I came upon an advertisement for Coca-Cola entitled Happiness Factory (You can find it at Despite the cheesiness you foresee, bear with me…

In it, a guy drops a coin into a vending machine to purchase a bottle of Coke. The coin drops down the slot into a magical country where we see what goes into the making of a bottle of the stuff; from the empty bottle, to the filling, capping, chilling, and finally, the big send-off. There, in the last 30 seconds of the ad, the bottle of Coke is given a grand farewell parade as the little creatures who lovingly prepared it cheer it on towards the ramp that leads to the product chute of the vending machine. There’s a band playing, a crowd cheering, and their equivalent of human cannonballs saluting the bottle as it is sent down the avenue magically suspended in a beautiful Monet sky.

It struck me as one of the most saddest scenes I have ever seen in a long time – letting-go of something you have poured all your pride, passion and skill into, an object, idea, or even a person that you have lovingly nurtured and tuned to “concert pitch”, and then releasing it into a world which might not ever know, much less appreciate, what it took to get it there. To take it in the context of the bottle, that poor bottle might find itself in a trash can mere moments after it strolled down that beautiful avenue in the sky to the sound of people (OK, creatures) bidding it a loving, heartfelt farewell, knowing full-well they might never see it again for the rest of their lives – like a beautiful ship sailing-off into the vast ocean amid cheering crowds and waving loved ones, its return uncertain, its occupants clinging to the hope that someday, on a day very similar to that one, they will find themselves on that ship…coming home to stay.

Somehow, I can’t help but feel like that bottle. I’ll never see a bottle of Coke the same way again.