Adoramus Te, Laudamus Te

23 11 2008

The school chaplain tasked my department to take care of the music for our chapel service this month (which is supposed to take place tomorrow…although I’m not so sure if everyone involved knows this), and somehow the whole thing sort of fell into my lap.

Granted, songleading is nothing new to me, having done so back in college and even until today in church – but never before in school. I’ve played bass for other songleaders, but have never actually led the singing myself. Now that the opportunity is before me, my legs suddenly feel very weak, for reasons I will try to wrestle with here.

For one, I really, really love the school where I work – my 5 years of working here have truly been among the happiest of my life (as one reader reminded me – thanks, meow) – so if there’s one place I would like to go beyond just singing in tune and cranking-out some danceable beats (other than in church), it’s here.

Secondly, just what constitutes going beyond just singing in tune and cranking-out danceable beats? Most people would say “Worship, of course”, but I’ve noticed that the word worship get’s tossed around a little too lightly, until very few people know, let alone care, about its true meaning. In a day and age wherein it is easy to get lost in the passion brought about by religious music and then mistake that for worship, I would desire to at least not take that road and somehow do my part in making sure that if somebody in the congregation encounters God, he or she won’t mistake for “an emotional response to the music”.

I realize that it is a small thing – more akin to a gnat trying to change the elephant it has landed on more than anything else – but I would still like the songs to somehow address these things: to cause the listeners to actually listen and hopefully think; to cause them to inspect their lives and lifestyles carefully and see if what they say, what they do, and what they profess to believe in are really lined-up with one another – and if not, inspire them to do something about it.

And lest any of my readers here think I’m trying on a holier-than-thou attitude for size, I would like to acknowledge that any change that will occur will have to begin with me. Are my words and actions consistent with one another? Do blessings and curses proceed out of my mouth? Do I declare one thing to be right, and then go and do the exact opposite?

Ultimately, only God can bring about any real, permanent change in people’s lives – I only hope that if He does choose to change some people tomorrow, that 1.) I will be one of those people and 2.) the songs that we sing won’t interfere with His changing anyone else.




3 responses

23 11 2008

i missed your blogs sir!

and my nstp/community service class is over na.

yehey. now i can always come to rehearsal πŸ˜€

24 11 2008

gambatte, eigen sensei! ^_^

25 11 2008

i like this post. πŸ™‚

true worship comes from a deep and intimate relationship with God. basking on to the greatness and awesomeness of our God in our lives. also every situation calls to worship Him. πŸ™‚

ack! i have so many things to say about this topic. πŸ˜› once again nice post dude! πŸ˜‰

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