Stick to the Code…

2 08 2008

I’ve stopped writing about rehearsals for the time being because, disappointingly but not unexpectedly, as standards are raised, The Orchestra starts to sound worse and worse (to my ear, at least). For example, I sped up the tempo of the Pirate Suite to what would amount to performance tempo, and it soundly crushed the first violins, revealing how little time they had spent actually practicing.

Somewhere in Time, for all it’s simplicity, elicits moans of pain from the First Violins (again!) because my demands for a smoother, more cohesive sound  requires them to play legato in third position; something very many of them are quite weak at.

I don’t even want to talk about Nimrod.

I don’t get it sometimes: why is this music so clear to me and horrifyingly obscure to others? Why do I seem to be the only one who finds this music too beautiful to not play (yes, that’s a double negative), while pretty much everyone else thinks its too hard to even try to play?

I realize that the members experience very little in the way of reward for their work – unlike their contemporaries in the school’s various sports programs, no one will be singing their praises and sacrificing virgins on the altars of their musical prowess anytime soon. In fact, few people outside The Orchestra care – let alone understand – about what we do. Sometimes, I even wonder if the members themselves care, as very few people are actually practicing – most seem to believe they can get away with faking their parts during rehearsals. Then they complain that everything is so complicated, so boring – as if they had the ability to actually play the exciting stuff.

…then I go and read an article like this, and it all just seems so hopeless, I wonder why I even try.




2 responses

3 08 2008

all work and no play makes Juan a dull boy!!! 🙂
why not take them out to watch a concert or something. just for a break and more bonding sessions.

11 09 2008

you are a genius. and music is your passion.

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