Music for Vocalists

19 07 2008

OK, so with Somewhere in Time, we’ve pretty-much pinned-down music for pianists for this season’s concert in March. Now, to tackle music for vocalists.

We considered Con Te Partiro last year, but had to bin it due to technical difficulties (too high for the violinists to comprehend). Now that it’s within reach (pun not intended), it seems, well…uninspired all of a sudden, like performing it would be a farce.

And so our search continues for a piece for Orchestra and Vocalist that’s inspiring, passionate, and all the things a good performance is.

Looking back on past performances, you would think we could do Suteki Da Ne again – which is invariably the best port from Pop Song to Orchestra piece I’ve heard to date – but for that, you would need somebody who could sing in Japanese – and even if you had someone like that, don’t you think having someone singing in Japanese onstage would be a bit…peculiar?

So far, I’m turning Celine Dion’s Then You Look At Me and Faye Wong’s Eyes on Me over and over in my head. Celine Dion’s power ballads are really that…power ballads. Emphasis on the power part. But Then You Look At Me has a modulation towards the end of the song that, to my ear, sounds second-rate. I thought the song was fine up to that point. Eyes on Me is basically Final Fantasy 7; take away the association, and it falls flat.

Hmm…maybe I’m looking in the wrong places. I should go through my casette tape collection…




One response

20 07 2008

how about Barbra Streisand’s? Amy Grant? Sandi Patti? what about Filipino?

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