Rehearsal #4

12 07 2008

Fourth Rehearsal…well, attendance-wise, it could have been better; Concertmaster and Assistant Concertmaster were absent (they both were on the student council and there was a 3 day leadership camp they had to participate in), leaving their six colleagues to flail about on their own: bows were going in all directions, and all things considered, important parts were rather pitchy. Double Bass was absent, leaving us rather high-end-heavy, and many were missing from the second violins, leaving the harmony sounding rather thin.

Preparedness-wise, well…this is the rehearsal that revealed that while this is definitely the best incarnation of The Orchestra to date (something we strive to be able to say every year), there are still many dues to be paid (i.e. PRACTICE). I had the orchestra repeating a particularly troublesome section again and again (and again and again and again and again and again and again and again…and did I mention again?) before they finally got it right…more or less. Less, actually, but hey, I’ll take what I can get.

To make matters worse, I had invited people who were interested in joining us to watch rehearsals, and I’m not sure we made a good impression. When the prospective grubs arrive earlier than the players themselves, things cannot be looking up. I told the regular sections that if they wanted grubs, they better be worthy of them.

*Deep breath*

Now, that aside, we actually finished the Pirate Suite. This is historic because never before has The Orchestra learned their first piece of the year so quickly. It used to take us about 3 months before gaining enough momentum to actually finish anything. Now it only took us 4 weeks. This orchestra continues to impress me.

Sure, everyone was exhausted by the time it was over; one violinist was wondering if his fingers would ever have any feeling in them again (at least that’s what the expression on his face told me – I told him he wouldn’t die); I had to fortify myself with two mug-fulls of black coffee…

But we did it. Congratulations are definitely in order.

Next week, we face the spectre of Edward Elgar’s Nimrod and see if we can make listeners lovesick over John Barry’s Somewhere in Time.




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