Rehearsal #3

5 07 2008

I woke-up this morning – after confusing dreams of overcharging tricycle drivers, stolen quilts, and people who couldn’t tell a violin from a lute – to a house without water. Suffice it to say that it is not pleasant to stand beneath a shower after confusing disorienting dreams only to discover that there is no water. I promptly packed a towel, extra clothes, shampoo and some deodorant, threw on some clothes, and proceeded to take a water-abundant and altogether very refreshing shower in my tastefully appointed classroom 😉

Danielle, our concertmaster for this year, continues to impress me by coming to rehearsals early – she and our second-chair cellist and second violinist (they’re siblings, so go figure). This is noteworthy simply because none of concertmasters in the past are known for coming on time. It was a rather pleasant experience to listen to Danielle warm-up in the corridor outside the rehearsal room (I’d like to call it a hall, but it’s not – it’s a ballet room); I don’t think anyone has done that before a rehearsal.

The downbeat came at about 9:30 to the tune of 8(!) first violins, 6(!) second violins, 1(!) viola, 2(!) cellos, 1 double bass, and 1 snare drum(!).

I am very proud (and impressed!) by the orchestra this year – gone is the largely childish attitude that plagued rehearsals in the past years, as well as the dismally amateurish technique that hounded most of the sections. Now, the whining has gone down and the first violins can play a shocking fortissimo.

We rehearsed our original medley of tunes from Pirates of the Caribbean (dubbed “The Pirate Suite”), and I think the drummer (and myself included) learned a valuable lesson in relative volume – when 16 violins play fortissimo, only the drummer thinks he’s playing too loud. We went so far as to rehearse 98% of the tune, including the rip-snorting, chops-busting end with the second-rate intonation-revealing tremolo. Nobody who walked into the room sleepy early that morning left it the same way – tired, yes, but not sleepy.

I don’t think I’ve ever pushed the orchestra so hard before (“Place your bows about 2 millimeters from the bridge, and use the whole bow! And when I say `whole bow’, I don’t mean the first six inches!”) – but the orchestra has never responded so positively before either. I am fiercely proud of them – and if you weren’t at the rehearsal today, you missed a lot!

…not to mention you owe The Orchestra 200 bucks.




3 responses

6 07 2008

Congrats on getting them to do great! Only one viola?! How shocking! Actually I am just kidding. I play in my school orchestra, an honor orchestra, and another orchestra. At school last year (and in fourth and fifth grade) I was the only viola, but I am going into high school and it thankfully will not be that way!

6 07 2008

Well, the three other violists were absent, so yes, one viola against 16 violins will hardly make a dent :p

7 07 2008

i keep missing out on memorable rehearsals! XD
oi sir i had an org meeting =/ do i still have to pay?

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