The First Downbeat of the Year

21 06 2008

Today, The Orchestra convened for the first time for our 5th Concert Season. There were less people than when we performed last March, but this is due to the fact that the grubs aren’t due to attend rehearsal until sometime in August.

I must say I’ve missed The Orchestra over the summer months; sure, I still saw a number of them thanks to the String Ensemble sessions, but it’s different seeing them as The Orchestra, with the first violins on my left and the second violins on my right, with the cellos and double basses and violas…

The Orchestra was in a chipper mood, with one of the cellists mentioning that we should take a picture of the first downbeat of the year. We had a quick reading of one of the new pieces, and The Orchestra surprised me by actually sounding good on the first rehearsal, which is notorious for causing headaches and frustrations and a general sense of “what a year this is going to be.” This time, their playing was such that they were sightreading faster than ever before, and my instructions were actually followed! What’s more, they already have this sense of playing together! Ahh…sheer bliss. I can’t wait for next Saturday!




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