11 06 2008

So classes start late for my school due to some renovations that should have been done early in the summer but only started two weeks ago. This means that my working threads can stay in the closet a bit longer and I can still go to school in jeans and t-shirts and sandals.

In the meantime, my assistant Lyndon and I repainted our classroom (we painted the floor blue, and trimmed it with unbelievably sunny yellow), we’re trying to decorate as two guys can (we’ve resorted to hanging the cellos on the wall…very functional, very artistic, and very risky), and I’m trying to finish editing a promotional video that while I enjoy in concept, I don’t really enjoy doing in practice…mainly because there’s so little input from anyone other than myself.

Which is probably the biggest change this year – the vocal, open-minded forward thinkers (you call them “visionaries”) in the department are mostly gone. One has gone to pursue his girlfriend in Dubai, while another seeks to finish his music degree. I’m not bitter about it – I wish them both all the best; it was a good two years.

But it’s gotten lonely.

With those two moving on, there no longer exists a “me and the boys” atmosphere that did wonders to alleviate the routine. We used to do all sorts of crazy things, like duking it out over the school network playing Age of Empires and going home at 4:30 AM (extremely illegal, incase you’re wondering)! We’d end-up ordering dinner from McD’s or Colonel Sander’s amd wolfing it down while we sent elephants to trample each other’s strongholds. The two did amazing things to ingratiate us with the school administration, putting the higher-ups at ease and gaining huge amounts of favor for the department. Sure, there were rough times, but all in all, life was quite colorful.

Now, some of that color has changed – I hesitate to say the color is fading, because it really isn’t; it’s just changing. And I’m reminded of what a friend once told me over coffee: “Things change and people change, and the only way to come to terms with those changes is for us change ourselves.”

I wonder what sort of changes the coming year will bring…




2 responses

11 06 2008

I remember the conversation.
Change too, was somehow related.

Can’t wait for orch practice. See you sir ^_^

30 06 2008
His beloved

you painted the floor blue? with what? i’d like to do that… ^_^

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