Living under a rock…

23 05 2008

I apologize for the lack of updates – I’ve been living under a rock, figuratively speaking; the office was being repainted this week, and so I had to pack up the desktop and move into the piano room, where there is no internet access. Looking back, I accomplished quite a bit of work. Hmmm…

Classes are once again just around the proverbial corner, and everyone at school is busy getting ready for the new academic year; the academic-subjects faculty are having one seminar after another, while the music faculty is busy putting together lessons and what I foresee to be an “earthshaking” curriculum. I’m already applying it to my students and to The Orchestra. You have been warned >:)

I’m also busy arranging and composing. By “composing”, I mean “banging my head against the piano for ideas for the slow movement of my (in)famous violin concerto”.

The grass on the soccer field is looking really green and healthy, thanks to the rain; it actually needs to be trimmed – any longer and you could lose a battleship in there.




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