Music, Music, Music!

7 05 2008

Sorry for the big delay in posting, folks. It seems that every time something post-worthy happens, something else happens that drives the literary muse away. So I guess a few quick updates are in order:

  1. I have three students taking private lessons with me for the summer, two of whom have opted for twice-a-week lessons. All are showing signs of progress as I prepare them for the Grade exams that are required by The Orchestra.
  2. I am, shall we say, the curriculum “manager” for my department – which means it has become my job to make sure all the syllabuses  and lesson materials per course are ready by  June. We’ve recently adopted the syllabuses published by Trinity Guildhall (although we couldn’t follow it exactly – the repertoire they specified for their Grade examinations is simply unavailable here in the Philippines), and boy does it help a lot. All those academic loopholes we’ve been trying to plug for the last couple of years are all neatly plugged by their syllabuses. Why on earth did I only see this stuff now??!!!! You can check out their syllabus for strings here.
  3. The weekend Quartet Sessions have now met five times, and are proving rather popular with the neighborhood kids who stop at our gate and listen to us cranking out Three Blind Mice and Bicycle Built for Two. As a result of these meetings, our concertmaster has developed an interest in playing the viola (she realized it’s not that hard), my abilities at meal preparation have improved, and I’ve realized that we desperately need cellists…or people willing to learn the cello. I NEED AT LEAST FOUR MORE. Would you like to learn?

These things aside, I’m doing a lot of arranging now (’tis the season), and I’ve recently finished getting Elgar’s Nimrod onto Sibelius. It’s in the key of E-flat major, and I’m currently play-testing it, to see if The Orchestra can play it in this key. Some of the passages are pretty scary (for the violas and cellos), so I need to go over them carefully so that the cellists (all two of them) don’t riot.

Works in progress are Astor Pizzolla’s Libertango (for cello and orchestra) as well as an original medley of tunes from the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack. We’re aiming for a two-hour concert for next year, so I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me. Arrrr!




2 responses

9 05 2008
another student who pays attention

i want to learn the cello…

9 05 2008

Hahaha. You’ve been saying that ever since you saw a cello 🙂

You have a job now, and celli have become somewhat affordable as of late. When you have one (or regular access to one), let’s talk 😉

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