Curse you, Internet Explorer!

31 03 2008

`tis the summer of the geeks, and I am enjoying myself…until I realized I had to not only create my web designs with standards-compliant CSS, but I also had to make sure my code was cross-browser friendly (for those of you unfamiliar with the terms, it basically means that what I see in, say, Firefox, should be the same thing I see in Internet Explorer, or Safari, or Opera…but I’m not giving you a link to that wretched IE!)

Yeah, I hate IE with a passion – the obese, non-web standards-compliant barnacle. If I create immaculate CSS code and it works fine in Firefox, you can be sure it will be a royal mess in IE – a mess that can only be remedied with some incredible (yet demeaning) sleight-of-hand. Case in point: I spent over 6 hours today just trying to get my layout consistent across Firefox and IE! 6 hours of nothing but layout! 6 hours I could have used to develop content! AAAUUUUGGGHHH! I wish I could burn IE off of the OS with a blowtorch and kick the piece of slag out the door!

*breathe, breathe*

Yeah, yeah, I got it right in the end. But I still don’t like IE.

And if you’re using IE to read this, shame on you! Get Firefox here.




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