Now what?

30 03 2008

You could say I am relatively used to speaking in public – as a kid I would join various speech and storytelling competitions – so for as long as I believe in what I’m saying, speaking engagements usually go well for me.

Graduations, however, are perhaps the most difficult of “speaking” engagements I’ve ever encountered, for the one reason that because a graduation is a special thing that many people have waited a long time for, there’s a certain air of solemnity that any speaker/host worth their salt would be an idiot to break. Unfortunately for me, most of my experiences with speaking in public have actually benefited from me being mildly humorous, so the instinctive desire to tease the graduates (“So, I see you’ve finally managed to graduate, eh?”) must be reined-in…but it’s atrociously boring to just read a program aloud!

But its okay – the graduation went without a hitch, the students graduated, the teachers went out and had dinner together, my trusty sablay (the gala uniform of the University of the Philippines) got its annual use…it was all good (in my excitement, I skipped three whole meals prior to the ceremonies – I plum forgot to eat!).

But now that it’s all over, now what?

Well, life returns to normal, for one – I return to running around the soccer field in the evenings, tweaking The Orchestra’s website, trying to come-up with a general plan of action for the strings curriculum for the upcoming year. There’s a lot to be done, actually, notwithstanding the fact that the coming school year marks the school’s 25th anniversary, and The Orchestra’s 5th – and that the incoming batch of seniors is reported to be the “slowest” the school has seen in awhile (I’m disinclined to believe this, but growing evidence seems to suggest otherwise…).

Then there’s the fact that the principal violist will be moving to another school (he’s won so many awards for swimming, they want to whisk him away and train him for the national team) on a sports scholarship, so I’ll need to step-up recruiting for the violas. Thank you for your years of service to The Orchestra, Fahad. Needless to say, you’ve flumoxed and inspired more than a few violists during your time with us, and while we hope you can still join us, we understand if you can’t. All the best to you.

So now what?




3 responses

1 04 2008

REALLY?!?! So where is Fahad going to school this S.Y.? :/

1 04 2008

Where his sister Jasmine is going. Frankly, I’d like him to stay, but you can’t argue with a full scholarship :p

1 04 2008

ooh… too bad, I didn’t get to know him better. T.T

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