25 03 2008

A local band that currently enjoys some popularity once defined the ellipsis (…) as “nothing”.

With all due respect, that’s not what I’m implying by making it the title of this post. I’m using it more to imply “a pregnant pause”, if you will – the visual equivalent of having so much to say that one cannot say anything.

Our department has just been through a whole day planning session – the big bosses came out and delivered the financial report, the individual teams delivered their year-end evaluations, then the überboss came up and challenged us to think of a 5-year plan: “Think of what you want us to be like at the end of 5 years – then tailor every year before that to lead to that goal.” He made special mention of The Orchestra, and suggested a 3rd year goal that I had never considered, ever: perform abroad.

I was blown out of the water by that one. Sure, I was a bit skeptical (Do you know how much air fare costs nowadays?), but at the same time, I couldn’t help but imagine how incredibly mind-blowing such an experience would be to the members. In my mind’s eye, I can already see their eyes twinkling brighter than any star in the night sky ever did, their faces neatly divided by mile-long grins. I can even go so far as visualize someone going into a joyful seizure.

Sure, it’s 3 years away, and by no means guaranteed; so many things can change between then and now – I mean, the world might not be around by then! But then again…

The seed has been planted, and will possess me until either I die or see it come to fruition.




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