Geek Week

22 03 2008

Well, it’s one in the morning, and I’ve just completed implementing the layout for The Orchestra’s website. It’s taken me almost 3 days of struggle to finally tame the finicky HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – and with no other tools other than Notepad (YES! I SO TOTALLY RULE!) and PhotoShop.

With the layout finished, getting the site up and running will be a trivial matter – all that’s left for me to do now is think about the last 3 days and what I’ve learned.

I’ve learned that it’s fun to be a code monkey from time to time – time to time being those times where I can work on my projects or on projects that really interest me. When those criteria are met, peering deeply into a computer monitor, going over bits of data so complex as to drive away the hoi pelloi in disgust, all while gulping down unhealthy amounts of sugar and caffeine and carbohydrates becomes a joy – the last time I’ve worked this obsessively over a glowing terminal was almost 2 years ago when I dusted-off my C programming skills just for kicks.

Awhile ago, the neighbors kids were over and I must have come-off as really weird, pounding the desk in frustration over lines of buggy CSS and XML. I had donuts and coffee for breakfast – lunch was a can of sardines. I realize it’s a tad unhealthy, these geek eating habits. Notice I havn’t even started to talk about the unholy hours (two days ago, I slept at sunrise!).

For those of you who aren’t geeks (we pity you), I realize most of this will be lost on you – how we can erupt in whoops of joy after successfully programming something as trivial as a calculator (we know the computer already has a calculator – but by building one ourselves, we prove that we understand not just how a calculator works, but also how a computer works), the feeling of smug satisfaction after getting a website design just right – using 100% CSS and none of those wimpy WYSIWYG editors, the lusty roar for more caffeine after already imbibing three cups of coffee and a 1.5 liter bottle of Coke…but I kind of grew-up on this sort of thing. It was only after college did my life change to resemble what it is now.

Frankly, I am glad I don’t need to be a code monkey to make a living – I can’t stand cubicles, and 6 hours straight in front of a computer is hard, hard work – good nutrition tends to go out the window, as well as sane sleeping hours. No, I am glad I am a teacher – a music teacher no less. But it is nice to dig into some nasty-looking code everynow and then…

 …and then scream like a maniac when you get it all sorted out.

I should get a shirt that says “geek” on the front…




3 responses

23 03 2008
His beloved

fun fun fun! ^_^

25 03 2008
Engr. Dr.

FTW! hahahaha.

27 03 2008

geeks rule. :p

didn’t get any training or lessons on programming so i’m studying by myself. i’m starting out with Python.

do get me one of those shirts too when you get them. :p

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