20 03 2008

So it’s Maundy Thursday, and I am stuck in the boarding house until Saturday – malls and restaurants are closed, and people generally stay indoors watching TV and/or catching-up on what is presumably much-needed sleep.

Unfortunately for me, this is the time all my housemates leave for the provinces, leaving me all by my lonesome (Lent is too short and my province is too far away to justify the cost of travel). So whatever geekdom I possess generally possesses me, and I find myself writing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code at 3AM(!)

During lulls in between coding sessions, I end-up browsing lots of videos on YouTube, switching from internet radio station to internet radio station, and sometimes, I actually stumble upon something that leads to (what I would call) a spark of genius:

This is the video of Someone New by the Swedish(?) band Escobar. It’s got a killer bassline (always a good thing) and good vocal harmonies, but it’s the lyrics that really get to me…especially at this time in my life (hint, hint).

After watching the video a few times, I explore the related links, and I stumble upon this:

This is the Belgian girls choir Scala performing an arrangement of the same song. Now I’m not a big fan of choirs singing pop music – brilliant lyrics become less-clear because of multi-timbre nature of choirs, and 60+ singers have all the agility of an elephant dancing on its tiptoes. Scala is no different, but what interests me is that all the girls in the choir are practically teenagers, and the discipline they possess is very unusual for an ensemble of their age group. This sense of the unusual permeates their performance, and a song that would have been woefully droll in the hands of say, faux-Gregorian monks (ugh!!!), is rendered exquisitly heartbreaking by these adolescent ladies.

A free latte at Starbucks to whoever can guess the next turn in my thought process…

“You want The Orchestra to perform it?” Close, but not quite.

“You want the choir to perform it?” Uh…we have a choir?

No free latte for you then. Actually, I have this sudden desire to actually put together an all girl choir.

Yeah, you heard me right. What do I know about choirs? Next to nothing. Singing? Well, I can sing in tune. Conducting a choir? I know a little bit about that. Have I completely lost it?

Mad as a hatter, baby 😉

Mind you, I’ve no illusions of grandeur regarding the task – it will be very-much like when The Orchestra started out: we sucked. But more people stayed than left, and today, I daresay the members are proud to be called The Orchestra, and can’t wait to get back to rehearsals (Hahahaha! Now there’s an illusion if I ever saw one). I would just like to see young ladies being given the opportunity to experience the life-changing power good vocal music coupled with a little discipline and hard work. No doubt the prima donnas won’t like it much, but I’m a firm believer in the potential of the common man (or girl, in this case).

I know I’m not a choir director (yet) or accomplished singer (yet), but I’ve found that when I get an idea in my head, I’m usually the one in the best position to act on it, and I think this idea is too good an idea to commit to idle daydreams.

Give me 12 young ladies…just 12 young ladies who are willing to learn to sing as a group…and we will raise the hair on the back of your neck (in a good way).

Yep, he’s lost it 😀




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