Geek, I am.

19 03 2008

I’ve got a full plate this summer. Aside from attending to students, both new and old, I will be working on a new set of modules for viola and double bass, Level 2 modules for cello and Level 3 modules for violin. Furthermore, I will be revising the curriculum for strings and orchestra (which I do every year), trying to find and negotiate with sponsors for instruments (the goal is to be able to rent out 12 cellos and 8 double basses, since these instruments are often too expensive for students to buy for themselves).

And if that weren’t enough, I shall be dusting-off my web design skills as I redesign and update The Orchestra website. Hopefully, when I’m done, the site will serve to entice more people to give orchestral music a shot – as well as allowing the musicians to download pdf copies of the score and their parts (so that I don’t have to keep printing them out). I intend to put up a calendar, so that nobody is left guessing when performances and rehearsals will be held. I intend to use CSS as much as I can, and I really look forward to coding most of the site (WYSIWYG editors are for wimps!). I shall prepare my supply of caffeine – mainly coffee and Extra Joss. Ooooh, I am tingling with excitement 😀

Geeks rule.




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20 03 2008
violist #3


20 03 2008
His beloved

there are free music sheets at i got my danny elfman stuff there. ^_^

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