One more week…

1 03 2008

It’s exactly one more week before the concert. I am nervous.

…mainly because the orchestra isn’t. Which is a bad thing when you’re talking about this orchestra, because that usually means they’re not practicing either.

Well, today, we met the choir…and we sucked 😦 I wanted to melt from the shame.

OK, so maybe we didn’t suck that much, but everybody seemed to be off their game…myself included. The 1st and 2nd violins were not coordinating properly, principals were complaining about standmates, the double basses were late (at least one of them was), 90% of the 2nd violins were trying to fake their way through part of a piece…at the same time…chaos. Utter chaos.

…and I have a cold.

At first blush, I want to chew them up, spit them out, rinse, and repeat. Giving it some thought, chewing them up and insulting them all the way back to their ancestors isn’t going to produce good playing…but what on earth will?! We have one more week!

Ugh. You suck.

– Me, after the orchestra crashes and burns.




2 responses

4 03 2008

you blog the most at this time of year, kuya eigen. nasabi ko lang po.

5 03 2008

Sensei, you may not believe me, but I’m praying for the orchestra. 🙂

You taught me this song before and I just want to thank you for it…

“Now I’ve never felt the presence’ but I know You’re always near
And I’ve never heard the calling but somehow I know You’ve led me right here.
So I’m not looking for burning bushes or some divine graffiti to appear
I’m just beggin’ You for Your wisdom and I believe You’re puttin’ some here.”

-Smell the Color Nine, Chris Rice

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