28 02 2008

I have not felt this…terrified(!) in a long time…I think the last time was about three years ago, facing the Manila Symphony Orchestra during a conducting seminar.

But this time, I’m not facing an orchestra. Well, not the MSO, at least. This time, I am facing…deadlines.

Yes, deadlines. Deadlines for papers, deadlines for projects, deadlines for exams. You see, I enrolled this semester in a certification course for teachers who wish to take the licensure exam. I need 18-units worth (6 subjects) of Education subjects, and I’ve enrolled in two (for a total of 6 units). All the big deadlines for these two subjects are this week.

Yep. Not to mention the fact that The Orchestra’s (Yeah, I just call it that now…with a big “O”) annual concert is just a week away, but rehearsals are horrifyingly limited (I’ll only have four rehearsals between today and the concert itself) due to schedule conflicts here in school. Not to mention there’s still a sound system to negotiate, and food preparations to be considered. And did I mention I have a finals exam this Saturday?

So if I’m not myself this week, I’m begging you to forgive me and cut me a little slack. It’ll all be back to normal (more or less) by next week.

Boy…this feels like so familiar…like, like…oh yeah…





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1 03 2008
His beloved

me praying for you. ^_^

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