20 11 2007

Ahh…it’s been a good past couple of days. I had one of the most fun and engaging rehearsals last Friday and Saturday, with my “English Cousin” stepping in for me to conduct the orchestra and tell everyone in his crisp accent that they were “jolly well out of tune.” (even though, for the most part, they weren’t). I suppose next week I should invite my “Scottish Cousin”, and see what he’ll have to say to the lads and lassies…

We finally acquired a new set of bows for the basses; the feeling of bowing The Juggernaut with a fully-haired bow borders on religious. Experimenting with the underhand (aka. German) grip (on a French bow), I find all the more reason for the department to invest in at least one German bow.

And the ace to trump all other hands is our brand spanking-new B-flat trumpet! A real trumpet! Naturally, I have to learn to play it. My initial forays into the land of brass instruments proved silly beyond belief, with all sorts of sounds issuing from the instrument that sounded more…er…”organic” rather than musical. I quickly learned that whatever difficulties I had learning to make the clarinet make a decent sound were mere trifles compared to trying to make the trumpet sound a recognizable B-flat. Nevertheless, I persevered and as of this writing, I can now play an entire octave (although only the first five scale degrees are recognizable). I plan to spend the next few days strengthening my embrochure (shape of the lips) and really learning to nail that first octave. My dream tune? The theme from Charlie’s Angels.





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25 11 2007

an “airy” Charlie’s Angels… hmm… hehehe…

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