2 11 2007

So today is day five on the island of Cebu, where I have taken-up lodging with my moneyed aunt and her family. Along for the ride is my 18 year-old brother.

…although I suspect it’s more of a ride for him than for me, really. You see, I’m here because my aunt wants me to work on her company’s website. I had worked on this before (about five years ago), but the site had never gotten off the ground since back then, her company wasn’t big enough for anyone to see the need for an online presence. Now that things have changed, I find myself in the exact same workstation I had slaved over years ago, working on the same project.

It’s funny – it was here, when I worked as an intern, I developed a sharp dislike for corporate work: the inhuman hours (I worked six days a week), the mind-numbing commute, the fact that the only real conversation I would have was while ordering lunch at the nearby Jollibee (for any foreign readers out there, Jollibee is our counterpart to McDonald’s). It was here that I realized (or re-realized) that what I really wanted to do was teach; I wanted to work with people, and not just the computer terminal; I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives, and not just my payslip.

All this makes me very thankful that on Monday, I’ll be back in school, harping about my student’s lack of practice and loving every moment of it πŸ™‚

However, lest you think all I have to show for my time here is complaints, I must say I’ve accomplished a great deal: re-acquainted myself with Dreamweaver, HTML, and CSS, and I’ve developed some rudimentary skills in Flash. Pretty neat, if I do say so myself.

In other news, I do have a bad case of the sniffles that I strongly suspect is the result of some nose/throat infection I got somewhere. I seem to have lost the ability to communicate fluently in the local dialect cebuano – my mind keeps rendering my sentences in either tagalog or English – resulting in the desire to just keep my mouth shut most of the time. It’s a strange feeling when you want to say one thing, and your tongue seems to be saying something else altogether.

On the lighter side, my brother and I have been sharpening our skills at billiards, gotten in touch with our “tender” side cooing over our cousin’s adorable baby daughter (named Annica, by the way), and whupping each other’s backsides over the Nintendo Wii…which really proves that Nintendo knows video games better than Sony and Microsoft. I’ve also been spending time with my aunt’s Pomeranian, Bruno, who is probably the most energetic dog I have ever met – his entire worldview is summed up in one word: Play! Even while asleep, he grunts loudly from time to time, as if all the unspent energy goes into his dreams. He’s also the nicest-smelling dog I’ve come across. I actually let him lick my face – a first for me (it really tickles) πŸ™‚

Okay. Freetime’s over. Back to work.




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