Vicesimus Quartus

22 10 2007

Funny thing about birthdays as you get older – it seems to get less exciting, but (in my case) more content. Sure, there’s this shadow of expectation at the back of one’s mind, but for the most part, I’m just glad to know another year is behind me, and thankful for everything that was in it. Whether or not I get a birthday cake or a surprise party is largely a moot point.

Contrast this with a few years ago, where I would go into a state of depression that bordered on sheer lunacy simply because no one could surprise me on my birthday. What a blubbering little idiot I was…

Natalis laetus mihi…




One response

3 11 2007

Since my PDA’s reminders got erased, I’ve missed greeting a lot of people. I don’t know if the construction is correct but tardus natalis laetus tuus! Ad multos annos. 🙂

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