Your Sound Sucks.

28 09 2007

I suppose most of my old readers know that The Orchestra had this huge (by our standards) concert some two years ago, where we played a total of 13 songs and promptly collapsed from exhaustion (well, not really).

It wasn’t a flawless concert – in fact, there were more misses than hits (waaaay more misses than hits), one in particular being at a crucial moment during the Hallelujah Chorus where the basses in the choir came in early and like race horses focused intently on getting the race over with, completely ignored my frantic attempts to get them back in line for what seemed like an eternity.

I write this because something happened today that reminded me of what was going through my mind at that moment. Apparently someone was able to get a picture of me conducting at a particularly taxing moment – I wince at the idea that I ever looked like that – and had placed the picture on the school service with the caption, “Your Sound Sucks.”

A note to any conductors who might be reading – if you’ve ever gotten angry with your orchestra, come watch my orchestra in rehearsal…you’ll instantly gain new appreciation for yours.

Today, the orchestra truly, truly sucked – I cannot seem to think of a word more descriptive of the sound they produced.

It wasn’t that they were oh-so irritatingly slightly out of tune – I’m used to that now – but that there didn’t seem to be any effort behind anyone’s playing. In fact, the whining I heard seemed to carry more conviction. Plus, the concertmaster was absent, as were most of the principals (the excuses were coming out of the woodwork) – nobody seemed to have practiced…I get depressed just describing the whole fiasco to you readers. I really wish I could say something positive…but not now…I am still too angry and too depressed. I pour pretty much everything I’ve got into these rehearsals, and when students show-up with these attitudes (not to mention these abilities…or the lack thereof), it absolutely crushes me.

This year I’ve made it a point to reign in my temper in the belief that a musician who doesn’t get screamed at is in a better position to make good music…but I’m starting to second-guess this belief. Apparently, when they don’t get screamed at, they also don’t see any reason to practice.

I hate screaming. And I hate dressing anybody down, no matter how much they may deserve it, because I am particularly talented at crippling people with my words. I’m not proud of this, mind you.

…but I am running out of patience, and I don’t know what else to do.




4 responses

28 09 2007

sir, its ok… whatever happened today i think wont happen again…

1 10 2007
nienna varda

go ahead, scream. it’s better than getting ulcers. wehehehehe.

1 10 2007

Pat pat.

11 10 2007

hayy… life sometimes sucks.

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