31 08 2007

It seems my blogroll for musicians is growing…which could be a good thing, depending on how you see it. I am most certainly learning new things from them.

For example, take Marty Hackl, a trained (very well trained, I gather) violinist who also happens to be a building contractor. In his site, he has two articles of great interest to me: one concerning the myth of the “big-toned” violin ( a real eye-opener) and another concerning a scam that, to my horror, is quite commonplace in the music world, but I had only experienced once. I am appalled by my naivette.

I’ve also been frequenting Michael Hovnanian’s CSO Bass Blog as of late, and I must say his candid reporting of daily life in a major orchestra is both entertaining and sobering. Take for example his description of the average orchestra musician’s work ethic:

“As everyone knows, orchestra musicians are feckless and lazy. Naturally we would prefer any conductor who treated us nicely over one who might attempt to lead us to a higher level of artistry.”

As a quasi-conductor (although Kenneth Woods generously referred to me as a young conductor – for which I am thankful),  that’s certainly an eyebrow raiser…I never thought that orchestra musicians could think of themselves that way. They certainly seem hardworking, at least in my experience. However, lest I be accused of quoting Mike out of context, you can read the original post here.

These guys certainly make for some interesting reading…




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