Break out the Dancing Shoes

23 07 2007

Kyu Yeon is a Grade 7 student of mine and is currently principal of the Second Violins in the orchestra. She has a nice instrument, no shortage of musical talent…and the curious inability to feel the beat.

I took her on a musical tour during our class recently to see just how deep I would need to go to remedy this, and I found that even when the beat was well-defined (with a freaking drumbeat!), she would have trouble finding it and keeping it. It seems that her approach to the beat is a little too-academic for mere aural immersion to suffice, so I turn to my last resort: dancing.

I hate dancing. Well, I hate dancing in public, with a partner. Sure, I’ll bob my head and make silly faces in the bathroom mirror when I’m feeling giddy and ridiculous, but that hardly qualifies as dancing. I’ve always said that if I had to dance, it had better be to save someone’s life…preferably my own.

…and yet here I am, trying to find a copy of Andy Williams’ Can’tTake My Eyes Off of You for Kyu Yeon to dance to at our next class.

I never thought those dance classes back in high school would come in handy…




3 responses

24 07 2007

so sasayaw ka rin? ^_^

24 07 2007

Well, it doesn’t look like I have a choice…it takes two to tango…or in this case, swing.

24 07 2007

hmm, does it have to be andy william’s version? I have several versions of this song… all for dance. hehe 🙂

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