Shameless Endorsement

20 07 2007

It’s been awhile since I endorsed a new product. With the recent influx of better strings/accessories for stringed instruments, I think now would be a good time to pick up the slack.

Warchal StringsI recently discovered Warchal Violin and Viola Strings, which are surprisingly affordable for their quality. They come in four flavors: Brilliant, Karneol, Ametyst, and Nefrit. You can read up on their individual details at the Warchal website.

I recently purchased an E-string from their Brilliant line (which you can get in silver or neodinium), which set me back 218 bucks – a bit steep, but new technology excites me, so there. Upon installing it on my instrument, I noticed that it really does have a clearer, more powerful sound compared to my previous string. This could just be psychological, or because it is a new string, so I might have something new to say about it in the next few weeks, but for now, I’m sold – the entire set costs far less than the reigning Thomastik-Infeld Dominants, and really gives them a run for their money in terms of quality and tone. Granted, they cost a bit more than the Super-Sensitive Octavas I urge my more advanced students to buy, but I think they’re certainly worth the investment.

And if money is really tight, their Karneol line (touted as having a warmer sound compared to the brilliant Brilliants) comes for the same price as a set of Octavas. The reason I didn’t go for it is because I’m already used to a warm violin tone, so I’m looking for something with a little more power and projection, without being too treble-y, which is the problem with the cheap, Chinese or Korean-made strings (they sound, to my ear, like dining utensils being rubbed against one another).

Anyway, I intend to purchase an A-string from the Brilliant line in the coming days (which will set me back some 500+ bucks). Stay tuned.




One response

21 07 2007

ahehe… hayy… i hope i can stay tuned.
been practicing once a week… just so i won’t forget how it sounds. more mistakes, still looking for the right sound i like. that wretched “peculiarity” (soft to loud, slow to fast way i play the violin) is unmercifully back… huhuhu… guess it won’t go…

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