Three Weeks Later

19 05 2007

After a summer of teaching geometry, giving the occasional violin lesson, hoarding what little income I earn, and staring at ad nauseum, the new school year is almost upon us. I tremble with anticipation.

Already, the faculty are reporting for three weeks of seminars, workshops, department meetings, and puttering aimlessly around the campus, eagerly awaiting that day when we will all roll out of our beds and grumble at how quickly the summer passed.

I wonder if my former students will remember me, since most students ignore anyone who isn’t their teacher during the present school year – unless I hold them at gunpoint and demand their attention like an over-the-edge adolescent.

Let me see…I still have a number of pieces to arrange, although I have the 3 major pieces done…I’m being assigned to a new, bigger room, so I’ll have to plan-out it’s color scheme (I can now add “Interior Designer” to my list of accomplishments)…I actually need to put in some serious practice time – I suck “like totally” on my instruments.

Hmmm…looks like a busy year 😀




2 responses

24 05 2007

kyrie eleison! i heard this sung by our church choir, beautiful 🙂 blog-hopped from aleks’ blog. looks like a great blog! enjoy the coming school year 🙂

24 05 2007

p.s. i read your endorsements — if you like c.s. lewis, you’ll enjoy Till We Have Faces: A Myth Retold (1956)


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