4 05 2007

I realize that a majority of my readers are not musicians, hence I usually hesitate to post articles here regarding anything purely musical. I also realize that this being the Philippines, a majority of the latest developments in music (especially classical music) have little meaning here…eliciting little more than a “So?” from the average person (in the local language, this has a little more sting to it).

This time, however, I will throw any generalizations I might have (wrong or otherwise) out the window, because this is news: a 13 year-old(!!!) just won an audition for a major Canadian orchestra; not a civic orchestra, not a community orchestra, but a real symphony orchestra. Read the full story and gain some insight on what it takes to earn a seat among 80+ of the best musicians in the world here.

If she’s such a monster now, what sort of creature will she be when she’s 20?




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