23 04 2007

My normal routine of running in the morning was interrupted today by a loud squeaking coming from something that a cat was toying with at the wooded edge of the school soccer field.

You cannot imagine how evil a cat looks when it is toying with its intended victim; it doesn’t matter if it’s a rat, a lizard, an insect…death by cat is simply a cruel way to go. Plus the fact that I’m technically still at war with the freeloading cats at the boarding house where I live, I needed little motivation to disturb the natural course of nature and rescue the hapless creature being pummeled to death by a smug-looking cat.

The cat had this look of on its face as I stomped toward it, as if to say, “What? What did I do?” A rock thrown in its direction made it realize that while death by cat is cruel, death by human is a worser fate.

I then realized that the thing making the squeaking sound wasn’t a bird but a bat.

Yes, a bat. I hadn’t handled a bat since I was in 4th Grade, and I was immediately struck by its apparent frailty – on the ground, it was absolutely helpless, unable to walk, locomotion achieved by a series of feeble hops (more like flops, actually). It was the color of pencil lead, with big, brown eyes. The thing was so small – if it folded its wings it would fit in the palm of my hand.

It squeaked a bit more as I tried to get it to hang onto a stick (I can imagine the thought of a strange biped prodding you with a stick shortly after a strange quadruped prodded you with its paw is not a relaxing thought), but somehow I got the message across (“I come in peace, lesser creature.”). In fact, the poor creature seemed to want to go to sleep as soon as it got to hanging upside down.

I tucked it away somewhere on campus…last time I checked it was asleep. I hope he makes it through the day alright…I think that little bat has made a fan out of me 🙂




One response

2 05 2007

aaawww…Eigs…did the bat made it? I mean d xa namatay? :-S

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