For the Glory of Your Name

21 03 2007

Dear Heavenly Father,

This morning I awoke and somehow sensed You nearby; I fumbled with a prayer – it probably didn’t amount to much. I let my mind wander.

Tonight, the school orchestra, to whom I have given a considerable amount of time and commitment this year (and pretty much every year for that matter), will be playing at this afternoon’s concert-recital. We’ve practiced all school year-long, and so I’m not that worried about the performance; what I am worried about is where my heart is in all of this.

I acknowledge that the ability and opportunity to perform comes from You and You alone; the orchestra exists in its present form by Your mercy and grace – You opened the doors and the hearts of all involved. In this respect, we have a place on that stage only because You allow it – not because of the force of my personality, not because of the talent of my students.

I guess what I’m really trying to say is…when the curtain goes up and the beat goes down…won’t You hold me by the hand and let everything end-up for the glory of Your name? …because I don’t really know how to do that other than to give my very best – all the powers that You have endowed me with: mental, physical, auditory, etc. I really have no idea how to tie it all up and have it point back to You.

All I know is that I want my heart to be in the right place – in the palm of Your hand – and if the very gates of hell should swing open and all the darkness issue forth, I can stand in perfect peace.

For in the end, the music that is the sweetest to Your ears is not that which is played by violins and guitars and pianos and voices…but by the human heart.





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