Matching Kinstones!

16 03 2007

I recently finished The Legend of Zelda: The Minnish Cap. I must agree with 90% of its reviews: it is indeed one of the best games ever for the Gamboy Advance.

kinstones.jpgIn The Minnish Cap, there are items known as kinstones, which you have to mix and match with various people all over Hyrule. When you find someone with the other half of your kinstone, something good happens (a passageway that was previously blocked opens, or a hidden item appears, etc.)

Well, today, I’m finally allowing you, the average reader, access to the web journal I kept before moving to WordPress. The link is over there to the right (if you have the patience to find it) – or you can just click here. If you’ve wondered what life was like for me back in America, or how my mind functioned during my first two years of teaching, that’s the place you want to go.

Stay tuned for updates…I’ve got quite a few things I want to write about percolating in my brain…




One response

30 03 2007

YEAH! Natapos ko na din yan Sir! Try mo kunin yung Mirror Shield kahit tapos mo na! Nyahaha!

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