The Mother of all Rehearsals

1 03 2007

Yesterday, the school orchestra had the mother of all rehearsals, lasting a whopping 5 hours.

Although its a small orchestra, I am always amazed by the floor area we occupy (especially when the recommended spacing is followed).

Our concertmaster just keeps getting better and better with every rehearsal; when we rehearsed the violin concerto we will be performing, I can’t help but be impressed by the development of her tone, intonation and memory. In the case of the third movement, the only thing she needs to double-check in her parts is the cadenza, which, needless to say, always entrances anyone seeing it for the first time.

Obviously, the Mother of all Rehearsals would not be the Mother of all Rehearsals without at least one run-through of Iris – we had no less than four. This time, we were joined by the begginings of the ICA Guitar Orchestra, which is some 18 members-strong. Things could have gotten out of hand if not for the arrival of our order from McDonald’s  🙂

I’m getting excited about our upcoming concert this March 21 – at the moment, I really want to get this over with and alleviate some ten months of steadily-increasing pressure on my shoulders (metaphorically speaking). I wonder how the kids will react, once they’re in their uniform (which is whip-smart, I tell you), once they lay their eyes on the stage. I am eager to see our concertmaster shine – with the violin concerto dedicated to her, she will have ample opportunity to do so.

I suppose I should get some sleep now. I am tired…




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9 03 2007

Hi E! Can you email me your repertoire? Will promote your concert. (Is it free?)



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