What to do with 2 million…

22 02 2007

This afternoon, the classical guitar teacher and I were batting around the question: If somebody gave 2 million to each department here in school, what would we do with it?

As the history teacher put it, two million is a lot of money.

She gave me a long list of things she would like to do: buy the latest edition of the textbooks, pay for her colleagues graduate studies, purchase films and documentaries, go on more field trips, etc. She actually ran out of ideas (and I suspect that after all of that, there would still be money left over).

As a music teacher, however, two million is a small amount of money. If such a sum landed on our laps, we could spend it in under two hours. Every red cent. Imagine: a single concert grand piano is a whopping one million. A french horn waltzes in at about 25 grand (and I need about four of them). A contrabassoon (only one orchestra in the country has one) is almost 300 grand(!). A set of timpani is practically the same price as the grand piano. See? Not a cent left. If anything else, we need more than 2 million to truly make our department world class.

But two million doesn’t fall straight out of heaven (usually), so why this exercise in dreaming big (or hallucinating big)? Well, I believe in a God for whom 2 million is worth less than the dirt under my fingernails, for whom all the riches of the world is mere dandruff – if He wants 2 million to land on our laps, it will land on our laps (accompanied by a great big “ooof!” from whomever it actually lands on). I believe in a God who isn’t blind to our needs – He knows every department here in school could really put 2 million to good use.

So why don’t we have 2 million?

I suspect that the answer is because for the purposes He wants for us to accomplish, we don’t need 2 million, and if we don’t need it (yet), we’re not going to get it (yet); We would probably end up fighting over it or something.

So what does God want us to accomplish?

Take a walk in the school yard after classes, or attend the flag ceremony on Monday morning, and the answer should be pretty obvious: to build God’s house in the hearts and minds of our students.

If only 2 million (or any amount of money) could accomplish that.




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