Conducting Blues

15 02 2007

I’ve been having the conducting blues lately: I don’t feel like I’m really conducting – in an effort to get the orchestra to play their parts properly, I’ve had to overlook such things like phrasing and dynamics – things which really define a performance, mind you.

It’s not particularly easy – between scolding the Second Violins for negligence and trying to hold the tempo of the cellos and the soloist together, it’s a wonder I even notice what I’m neglecting.

And even if I manage to drill into their heads the tempo I set, there’s still the issue of bowings that nobody really seems to follow :p

I suppose I should just be patient, and realize that many of the members of the orchestra are grappling with pieces who’s technical aspect is beyond their imaginings – they’re too-busy reading the notes to bother with the “funny stick-waving guy” who gives you a funny look when you make a mistake.





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