Eight Years Already??!!!

8 02 2007

Voice of Our Youth BannerLast week, I had the opportunity to host the Voice of Our Youth (VOY) Impromptu English Speaking Competition for 2006 – 2007, a competition that I myself participated(and won 2nd place) in eight years ago!!! Of course, the contest is held once every two years, so I suppose that’s how time slips by so quickly…its only when one actually count the years that one realizes that one is (shudder) old.

It was nice to see a few familiar faces: Anne Ferrer, our “handler” from the sponsoring bank, and Luna Cruz, a fellow contestant from way back in 1999 (she won, by the way). Actually, I see Anne and Luna every two years…and its always because of this competition. Two years ago, we got invited to give (what else?) speeches to the contestants – something about how the competition changed our lives. 

Incidentally, it’s Anne’s last year of being associated with VoY – a fact that made Luna and I rather sad. Anne tracked me down after I thought I’d never be involved with VoY again – I’ve made it a point to say “yes” to every invitation she fields in my direction. I suppose Luna feels the same. We owe her.

Funny how time flies. Funnier still is how Luna reacted when I told her that if we ever do something for VoY next time it rolls around, we will have been involved with it for one decade. She recoiled and said, “That’s gross.” Hehe.




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