31 01 2007

lavalamp.jpgYesterday, I bought myself my very own lava lamp. After some fierce haggling with the saleslady (with the help of my colleauge, the guitar instructor here in school), I became the proud owner of 14″ high (approximately), uber-cool, groovy-looking, orange-colored lava lamp whom I have subsequently dubbed “Chuck”.

Chuck just sits there on the floor of my bedroom (for lack of space), quietly sending up spheres of molten wax. He’s doing it now. I kept him on all night long…which is unusual of me, because I like to sleep in the dark. I woke up at 5:30 in the morning, gazed at the suspended spheres, and decided I wasn’t sleepy anymore.

Needless to say, I find lava lamps…inspiring. Chuck sent up his first wax sphere…it was like watching the sun rise. I can’t believe I waited this long to get one.

Groovy, baby.



While we’re on the subject of groovy, I must confess, when I’m not listening to classical, filmscore, or symphonic music in general, I really like listening to chillout and disco/club/house. Anything with a hip hi-hat-on-the-upbeat and pounding four-on-floor bass drum (the classical disco/club/house drum beat) and grooving bass is fair game.


Examples include Ever After by Bonnie Bailey (admit it – you like this one too), Dove by Mooney, Be With You by Atomic Kitten, and even Love at First Sight by (augh!) Kylie Minogue. Alright, alright – technically, Kylie and Atomic Kitten don’t belong under the “house/club/disco” category, but the tracks I mentioned do.



I know, the above tracks are so unlike me…especially if you play in the orchestra I conduct. After getting called-out for a smarter tempo on the timpani or a stronger accent from the strings while playing Eigen Ignacio’s Violin Concerto in D Minor, I understand if it’s hard to swallow the idea that I dig music that’s built entirely on two chords, a cliche’d drumbeat, and reverb-saturated melodies. You’ll get used to it.


Perhaps I’ll explore the emotional reasons behind these highly-unorthodox (what an understatement!) musical choices on a future post. In the meantime, why not grab a copy of Dove and see if it doesn’t get you bopping your head and singing, “Aaaaaaahhhllll be loving you forever and ever…”




5 responses

3 02 2007

lava lamps? oh no! haha, i tried making them, as in really MAKING one, but to no avail.. i ended up buying one instead. the one i bought was waaay cheaper than my home-made one, but nevertheless, the satisfaction and fulfillment is priceless..

have fun with your lava lamp. 😀

4 02 2007

lava lamp?? hahaha! it’s so unlike you, Sensei. i never imagined you haggling for one. 😛

lava lamp + disco/club music = weird

haha! you’re weird sometimes. 😛

22 02 2007

Why does it make me smile when I imagine you looking at Chuck?

May Chuck bring you what the Muses don’t want to give you because of hormones…

8 03 2007

hey sir!

i envy chuck, i want a chuck of my own too!!!!

20 03 2007

ooooh such envy. i’ve been wanting a lava lamp since early march.

and i have to agree, “Ever After” is lovely. 🙂

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