Greetings. I am 2007.

4 01 2007

Yes, how the time flies. It’s been ten years since I marvelled at how 1996 became 1997 (much to the amusement of my high school classmate), eight years since I graduated from high school, and three years since I graduated from college.

I finally got to go home after a year; I’ve missed the sound of my little brother’s laugh. I am always bemused when I see how tall he has become (he’s obviously not little anymore), how cramped the house has grown (Dad says it was always cramped – I’ve just come to occupy more space). I’ve missed my mom’s summons to lunch and dinner. I’ve missed the shortage of “convenient ventilation” (electric fans) – there are only two for a house of six. I’ve missed how the roof leaks whenever it rains…and how that often cuts a well-deserved siesta short. I’ve missed home.

As usual, I attended my high school reunion. There were about ten of us from Batch 1999, and only two of us from my section. It was rather depressing to see Batch 2000…many of them I had known since we were “kids”, and here they were: aged, rotund – in a word, old. It was depressing because while nobody notices the changes in themselves as they age, we notice how others change, and this is a sure sign that you are changing, ageing too.

And as my mom put it, reunions are an opportunity for me to face my ghosts.


My dad is a health buff, and on most mornings he would try to get us out of bed at six-thirty (AAUUGGHH!!!) so that we could drive down to the local swimming pools and do laps until ten.

I love swimming. Water is such an amiable element – it doesn’t care about your peculiarities, your idiosyncrasies, your failures, your past – when I step into the water, I feel accepted. It will kill you, no doubt, if you forget to hold your breath, but underwater, things sound different – the bloop of the bubbles as you slowly exhale, the swoosh as you push water with your hands…the beating of your own heart. I would have to say that looking up at the sky from underwater is one of my secret joys – it’s like catching a glimpse of eternity.

All in all, I thank God for the time given for me to go home; for a wonderful, funny, brainiac family; for good food; for treading sixteen feet of icy spring water; yes, even for the ghosts. Now that I am back at work, once more being summoned to the breach, I must collect my faculties and remember that while I do not know what lies ahead of me, I can trust that God will be there.

Das vidanya, 2006. Anyong haseyo, 2007.




One response

11 01 2007

i echo your last statement, bro.

swimming tayo this year, eigs. =) i’ve been aching to have this regularly in my sked.

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