Light in the Darkness

19 12 2006

The annual cantata my church holds every December is really one of the highlights of the year for me; the music is easily some of the most challenging I’ve encountered, the logistics of getting people and equipment together is staggering, and without fail, the music always arrests me during showtime.

This year, I played alongside Ultimate Pianist Luci Magalit and flutist John Raymond Sarreal. Yeah, I was the amateur – my only claim to fame being my ability to play several instruments reasonably well…”The Emergency Guy” so to speak. This year, I got called upon to play cello, bass, and drums. I must have looked very silly switching from one instrument to another between songs.

But on one number, with no parts to play, I forgot the silliness and listened to a freshman alto sing Amy Grant’s Breath of Heaven, where a line in the chorus reads,

Breath of Heaven, lighten my darkness,
Pour over me Your holiness, Breath of Heaven.


Hearing those words, I remember The Darkness, and how Jesus did bring light into it, and took me back from all the bitter despair and crushing hopelessness.


And now, as I teach, I know my students will someday face their own Darkness; whom will they call then?




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27 12 2006

kuya, phylla is a soprano 🙂

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