Infamous Thoughts

16 10 2006

I broke the news to my algebra classes about their Quarter examinations. Like normal high school students, the boys just laughed at each other and called each other names, while the girls talked excitedly (sort of) together.

But that gave way to a lot of thoughtful silences as they got hold of their papers and got a good look at their scores. I opened the floor for them to argue for better scores, and a few did. Most didn’t get what they wanted.

If you’re a student, you might think (OK, so you’re totally convinced) that your teacher’s flunk students with gleeful smiles on their faces, laughing at their supposed stupidity, and celebrating the prospect of their reputations as good educators remaining intact. But really…

…there is no pleasure in slaving over a topic only to find nobody understood a thing that you were saying.

…there is no pleasure in discovering that a student got nothing right out of a hundred questions.

…there is no pleasure in seeing the look on his/her face when you hand them their paper.

…there is no pleasure in glancing in their direction out of the corner of your eye, watching them (in the case of the ladies) collapse into tears.

…there is no pleasure in having students beg for a better grade.

…there is no pleasure in trying to deflate an overactive student’s ego…and seeing the crushed expression on their faces when you actually succeed.

…there is no pleasure in presenting the solution to a problem and see that the student feels stupid for not having been able to have gotten it.

 …there is no pleasure in being called a dictator…even if you are a benevolent one.




One response

22 10 2006

i hope all of the teachers feel the same way too. . .

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