Music and the Church

5 09 2006

It’s been more than a year, I suppose…more than a year since I last played with a church band for the express purpose of leading people to worship.

It feels good…the hours of rehearsing one song, the buzz of excitement as the worship leader opens the service, the adrenalin rush each time you make an almost mistake…the humbling realization that at the end of it all, how well you played is of little consequence, and that the attitude in which you played is most important.

Maybe I’ve just grown hard and cynical, so that sermons and devotions don’t hit as hard as they used to. Or maybe I’ve just grown old. But every time we sit down to pray, every word whispered in God’s direction…brings with it a whiff of the divine – something wild and adventurous and amazing and beguiling, something mysterious and dangerous but ultimately life-giving. I am reminded of what C.S. Lewis wrote, “We think holiness to be boring only because we havn’t seen real holiness. If you and I could see real holiness, we would find it irresistible.”
It has been quite awhile. I should do this more often.




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