Stark Raving Ravi

23 08 2006

Shaking my fist at all logical reasons to do otherwise, I made the trip to the alma mater yesterday afternoon to listen to Ravi Zacharias give a talk on, ahem…”Secularism and the Illusion of Neutrality”.

Having heard several of his talks online (a link is in the previous post), I was already a fan, and although I’ve heard his answers to the various questions hurled at him before (evidence that the questions themselves keep repeating), I am in awe of the power God bestows upon a man who has decided to single-mindedly devote himself and all of his faculties to furthering His purposes on earth.

I mean, the eloquence and grace with which he answered the questions is to be coveted…but even more so, the truth behind the eloquence and the grace. Can you imagine the volume of reading alone required to be able to answer the questions that would have me stumped?!

As if on involuntary impulse, I bought two of his books, Can Man Live Without God? and Cries from the Heart, successfully deflating my wallet in less time than it takes my heart to beat. I’m reading the first one, and it is proving to be hard, heartbreaking reading; not just because I am effectively dancing with the intellectual heavy weights, but also because as he explains and expounds on some of this generation’s most influential philosophies, I am overwhelmed by the utter lostness of the unredeemed human mind and heart. Can you imagine what prompted Nietsche and Russell to murder and deny the idea of the existence of God?! What drove them to embrace the empty despair of the Darkness when they could easily have embraced the very embodiment of its opposite?! And can you imagine what drives ordinary people to do exactly the same?!

My mind reels, clearly outclassed.

Dear God, have mercy on us…




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