Asian Youth Orchestra

23 08 2006

animate-1.gifI just finished watching the internet broadcast of the Asian Youth Orchestra’s concert in Hong Kong on the 11th of August (you can watch it here if you have a fast internet connection – it’s in six parts, and is well over an hour long, so have your chips near at hand). They are amazing (the animated gif at right is from their site,

Of course, it helps that Isi and Raymond were there, with Raymond getting quite a bit of camera time as principal flute for Howard Hanson’s Symphony No.2 – Romantic. The liner notes credit him as being an important 20th century composer…and that the 2nd Symphony appears somewhere in the James Cameron film Aliens, but frankly, I found it fragmented and somewhat aimless. I suppose a few repetitions of the performance will change that opinion, but for tonight, I stand by my position of it being unable to stand beside the comparatively clear vision of Dvorak’s Symphony No.9, which is in the concert as well.

I cannot help but wonder by what means will my little orchestra attain such heights. Of course, given huge amounts of sponsorships and a healthy crop of committed musicians, not to mention a lot of time, anything is possible. But can we really do it? More specifically – do we really want to do it? Will it be true to the orchestra’s vision and mission?

Let’s suppose the Eleison Community Orchestra attains such an exalted status; sure, musicians like Razel and Sharie will get the recognition they duly deserve, but will we not have to impose membership-by-audition policies in order to preserve the level of quality? And will not doing so once again make the orchestra the private playground of the “gifted” and “talented”? What about those people who love the music but whom circumstance has denied them the benefit of a quality musical education? Will they not be reduced to watching us over the internet, sighing wistfully as they make their way home afterwards?





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24 08 2006

whoa… thanks for the mention. you just made my day. 🙂

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