Algebra, Algebra, alive, alive-oh!

23 08 2006

The alarm went off at 6AM this morning, rousing me from a 4-hour sleep. I distinctly remmember standing under the shower and wondering if I was still asleep, since it wasn’t exactly waking me up. I downed two cups of strong coffee and then headed off to school to teach 7:30 Advanced Algebra.

Nothing like a strapping helping of Algebra to get the day started, I always say 😉

The topic was linear equations – child’s play for the likes of your typical engineering student in UP, but in my class, it was a tad surprising to find not a few students failing to solve for x, and not just because of failing to cross their plusses, etc; some displayed a decided misunderstanding of the concept of transposition (my heart goes out to them – I was just as confused when I was their age). I likened it to the Law of Equivalent Exchange ala Full Metal Alchemist, and our ultimate goal in transposition was to change the form of the equation into a more usable form while preserving the equality (and therefore, the integrity) of the statement.

My hour went by faster than I expected, and by then, if there were any doubts about my wakefulness, they weren’t there when I said goodbye and exited the room. I can’t wait for friday…




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