Knowledge is Power, but…

18 08 2006

upm_seal.jpgA few years ago, lobbying for my alma mater (The University of the Philippines) in front of my students, I told them one of the reasons for the high mortality rate there is not because the professors are monsters and only the strong survive, but because few students have the actual discipline and character to cope with the total independence the university accords its scholars.

I told them, “In UP, everything you want to learn and do is made available for you to learn and do. But remember: not everything is worth learning about and doing.”

I write this because I was listening to a webcast of Ravi Zacharias’ Let My People Think, and he said this: There are some places you and I ought not to go; there are some things you and I ought not entertain with our eyes; there are some experiences we ought not to reach out and touch – because like a paper-thin cut that can communicate dreadful diseases into the body, there are choices we may make that may seem rather innocuous in the beginning, which can be devastating in the long run, ’til you yourself will be asking yourself the question, “What am I doing here?”.

From the perspective of a nerd (someone who loves learning, for the information of the uninformed masses), I must agree – knowledge is the power to build-up and destroy, no doubt; but whom it builds-up or destroys – that is the question.




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20 08 2006

“I must agree – knowledge is the power to build up and destroy, no doubt; but whom it builds up or destroys – that is the question.”

Does this mean that the person has the right or the “choice” to allow (or not allow) the knowledge to build him up or destroy him?

hehe! (^_^)’ just wanted to ask…

22 08 2006

I suppose we could extend it to that. But what I originally meant was that there are some bodies of knowledge that are inately evil and will destroy the bearer regardless of their intentions (the occult, for example). We therefore have to choose carefully the knowledge we pursue.

In other words, “Some things were never meant to be learned; some things are best left unknown.”

27 08 2006

okay, gets ko na. hmmm… it makes me wonder how i am supposed to avoid reading occult stuff when they’re required. hay… the struggles of being a literature major.

thanks for the reply, Sensei. (^_^)’

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