You need more irony in your diet…

15 08 2006

Yesterday, one of the high school teachers approached me and asked if I was willing to teach high school algebra to the juniors.

No, not in a tutorial sense but in an actual classroom setup, for the rest of the schoolyear.

Now, I love teaching. And I have few qualms about what I teach. But math?! Sure, I enjoy doing equations on the side, and I am quite thrilled at the idea of teaching it…but can I do it? I mean, I really sucked at math back in high school and I just squeaked by it in college. I know I can do well at it when I apply my mind, but can I do so in a roomfull of fifteen year-olds who (in my opinion) are hell-bent on discrediting me?

Of course, they could be nicer than I think…but still…

Really, it is ironic: the average kid in math is now being offered a teaching position in it.




One response

18 08 2006

Lovely new place Kuya. I like the banner (or whatever it’s supposed to be called)… =) LOL over irony. Makes me think that one day, I might find myself teaching statistics and I’m not really excellent in it either. Haha. Hope you’re doing well. =)

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