Violin Concerto?

11 08 2006

Today being Friday, the Eleison Community Orchestra came together for two hours and promptly brought bedlam to a quiet classroom that was otherwise minding it’s own business.
On the rehearsal menu was Gloria from Mozart’s Great Mass in C Minor and the violin concerto we will be premiering in march. I had higher hopes for the concerto than Gloria, and they were well justified: Gloria smacks of Baroque music (a likely influence), and as such has few contrapuntal lines going between the choir and orchestra, and among the sections of the orchestra.

Sadly, the orchestra is not very keen on counting, which is absolutely crucial to good counterpoint. Needless to say, we only did the first two bars (a very-good two bars, I must say, but two bars nontheless). Attempts at any other point in the work produced a pronouncedly un-glorious sound. We ended it with an agreement that every week we would add four measures to our ears and fingers until completing the work.

Moving on to the violin concerto, the orchestra’s demeanor changed; it appears this piece is really hitting a spot somewhere – everyone is eager to rehearse it.

Our concertmaster, Sharie, is undeniably impressive as she works her way through the solos. Despite her tendency to change tempos upon entering each new section, I must admit I am as proud as a lark at her progress. She has more than one admirer in the orchestra.

Speaking of Sharie, she broke a string in the middle of one of the more exciting solos – an event that made everyone (myself included) jump. I promptly congratulated her, saying that she has just been initiated into the ranks of “serious” musicianship. She gave her trademark embarassed smile and took out a new string.

We finished on a high note (both figuratively and literally), and I daresay everyone walked out in good spirits.

Now, how can I construct the second and third movements in such a way thatthey encourage music making and teamwork of this level? Hmmmm…




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20 08 2006

ya-di-da! i like the third movement already. as i’ve told you, it’s like you’re in a court or a palace. it has some sense of regal-ness or royalty in it. (^_^)’

me excited ’bout 2nd movement! but i wonder how i can use what i’ve just learned about ‘intonation’ (mahirap kayang pakinggan ang buong orchestra) and that ‘extra lesson’ which i’m pretty sure you don’t really quite understand. hehehe! nonetheless, you’ve taught me something valuable and which will be very useful in my entire musical life. i’ll write about this in my own blog… in case you don’t understand. hehe! :p

15 07 2007
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