A Change of Scenery

11 08 2006

After getting into the web journal scene four years ago, I have decided to open-up shop here at WordPress and close-up all the others.

My reasons? Well, for one, I am a different person from what I was some years ago – I’m a little more knowledgable, a little more articlate, a little more sociable (I hope), a little more mature (I hope against hope); I want my journal to reflect that. You can still access the old journals here and here, but they won’t be updated from now on.

All in all, if my writing in the past gave you the idea that I was writing on a lonely dune in the middle of nowhere, now I would like to write as if I was sitting in a modestly-appointed study in a stone cottage on a cliff overlooking the sea, with a kettle of coffee on the hearth, an amiable hedgehog nosing through the shag rug, and a bunch of sheep sticking their heads in through the window in hopes of a lump of sugar before supper.

…of course, I don’t know if they like sugar…or is it just a horse thing?

And another reason: WordPress is open source. Power to the People and all that. And they have struck a perfect balance betweenpublicity and privacy. In the past, I’ve had to restrict access to my entire journal because a few people couldn’t handle my acerbic wit. With WordPress, I can just password-protect my politically-incorrect posts while allowing people to still look me up. Nice šŸ™‚

Anyway, I plan to recommit my history to a whole new set of postcards. If you missed the last ones, all the more reason to stay tuned. Welcome to Postcards from Far & Away.




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